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How do you create custom designed jewelry?

     • The Design Process
     • Gemstone Selection
     • Wax Carving
     • Stone Setting

The Design Process
  I will consult with you in my private studio. You will have existing pieces, models and photos to look at. Drawings are done life size with enlargements of detail. The finished piece will look exactly like the drawing. Please call or email to set up an appointment.

Gemstone Selection
  The way a stone is cut determines how brilliant it will be. The same rough material can be cut into a gem or a dud! Depending on the material, it must be cut to exact angles to make the light travel around the stone and back out the top (table & crown). If the stone is cut to to the wrong angles the light just passes through the stone, washing out the brilliance. Other considerations are color saturation (in colored stones) and inclusions (in diamonds).
  I deal with the best cutters in the business and can show you exactly what you're looking for, usually getting a selection of stones to select from in just a few days. For the accent diamonds (meleé, diamonds under .20 of a carat), I use only Russian Ideal Cut VS1 GH quality diamonds.

Wax Carving
  The next step in the process is to carve a wax that will be used to cast the jewelry. When the wax is finished, the client can see in a three dimensional form exactly how the design appears. Any modifications to the design can be accomplished at this time.

Stone Setting
  Each stone is carefully measured and the mounting is drilled and then hand cut to precisely fit the stone. Then, depending on the setting style, the metal around the stones is brought tightly down around the stone and then finished off to provide a smooth, secure setting.